Leader: Ron Chapman, Randy Irby

We are a missions minded church (Matt. 28--the Great Commision).  God has called us to reach out and through many home grown missionaries, short term missions trips, sending people to minister or sow into other ministries and supporting other works we are accomplishing this goal. 

FBC 'tithes' on the tithe---we take 10% of the weekly non-designated offerings and use for mission work and helps.  We also support some of the missionaries by providing administrative oversight of their accounts.  We encourage visits from our missionaries and encourage our young people to experience the mission field.  This allows our body to catch the vision and also opens doors for our young people as to the possibilities of what mission work might be available to them....more though to convey the message that our Lord has called us all to pour into mission work through prayer, active participation financially and going on trips to assist and experence God's heart. 

Direct 'missions' work isn't for everyone but it should be on everyone's heart to be a link in the chain to the mission field whether at home or abroad.  These activities also keeps mission work at a high level of importance for FBC and promotes seeking and then possibly hearing that 'call' from the Lord to personally move into this type of ministry or to support missions work.  

Here is a listing of the missionaries and ministries that we are actively sowing into.  (***designates those who have come out of this body and are on the field, or those whose families come out of this body).


*** Matt Green (Ecuador, South America)

*** Fran Cutter (Kenya)

*** C.U.D.D.L.E.  (Children Under Duress Divinely Loved Everywhere---Linda Dodds)---outreach to foster children, skills based training for teens and the Scrub Bees program for high school students in concert with Page Hosiptal. 

*** Dale and Charlotte Tsosie (Native Outreach---First Nations, Indigenous Peoples)

*** Samson and Yemisi Agbebi  (Youth and Teen Outreach--Nigeria)

Micaiah Ministries (Evangelistic outreach; Orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia

Bridges for Peace (Israel)

Kerry Mauldin Ministries (Youth--Special Needs Children and Evangelistic work)

We encourage our body to actively support missions throught he existing venues at FBC or to make it part of their own personal vision.  Many support other ministries and several support foster children financially and we also have some whose ministry has them opening their homes to foster children.  

  February 2020  
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